Tampa Back to School Photography | 2016's Big Fat Back to School Post

Where has the summer gone???

For the THIRD year in a row, RMP teamed up with the mega talented Brooke of HAMILTON CREEK PHOTOGRAPHY for our Back-to-School Mini Sessions, and I must say, they were a HUGE success.  (View our Back-to-School sessions from the past HERE and HERE).

Confession:  Back-to-School Minis are my FAVORITE sessions of the year.  I just LOVE the sweet set up we use... something about crisp red apples and the BRIGHT YELLOW school desk just makes me HAPPY.  I love seeing the kids and hearing about their summer adventures and their hopes for the new school year.  And the yummy fall fashion... I die. If only it was a *little* cooler... but, that's Florida for you.  Doesn't help that we had to push our sessions up because the kids go back earlier this year then they have in the past -- but it will be ALL GOOD when they get out before June next year.

Enough chatter -- I know you came here to see the super adorable kids that are dressed in their best and ready for a new school year!! First up... Mackey and Carmen.  I  met these gorgeous sisters two years ago for our first round of Back to School sessions! I'm so excited to have them back this year.  These girls have THE BEST HAIR and most beautiful eyes --  not to mention, they are the super sweet and have perfect manners.  After we shared some apples and made silly faces, they introduced me to their yummy, yummy baby brother and we got some group shots of the girls holding him.

Next up for the evening is Ruby and Lilli.  Just like the beauties before them, I first met them two years ago at our first round of back-to-school mini sessions and they are also going into kindergarten and second grade. I am so glad that I have gotten to know these two lovely ladies better this past year.  I love that they have become such good friends with my own girls (sweet Ruby Roo is the BEST with my Noey Noes).  I had such a blast shooting these two.  We laughed the WHOLE TIME.   These girls have the BEST style... I seriously wish they would do all my shopping for me.  When they showed up to their session rocking their Hunter Wellies, it gave me the warm fuzzies.  As much as I LOVE my green Hunters, I may need to pick up another pair.  Red??? Light Blue??? They make them look so good.

Oh! And they brought their new baby "brother" along too!! LOVED meeting sweet Mr. Gastby!!!

Next up.  These boys.

They stole my heart three and a half years ago.

I adore them.  I adore their wild spirits.  I adore their infectious smiles and their genuine hearts.  I adore their giggles and their killer style.  I adore how much fun when we adventure.   Kalia is so lucky to have "big brothers" like them.  I adore their mama and everything that we have done together in the short years we have know each other.

These boys.

Taking pictures of them together as they get older... it's so bittersweet.  It feels like just yesterday we were catching fairies in a flower field in Dade City.  And then I put a collage together... and I can't help but get a little teary eyed.  They are getting SO BIG!

And last...

But CERTAINLY not least...

My sweet little Kalia Wiggles.

Just a few shots from this morning.

On Kalia's official FIRST day of 1st Grade.

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