Riverview Family Photography | The Corners Family

I'm so very excited to introduce the newest members of the RMP Family, The Corners Family!! Our session had to be rescheduled a couple of times due to the weather... but third time is the charm & we were able to meet up on a beautiful Sunday morning!!

We met at Edward Medard Park.  Technically the park is in Plant City, but it's on the Brandon side of Plant City.  I LOVE shooting at this location, I'm sure you've noticed that it's one of my favorites.  I love all the green and the way the beautiful light cuts through all the trees.   

But enough about the park - back to the beautiful family! I had such a great time with them.  I could totally relate with their very fancy little girls. They reminded me so much of my own two, almost exactly the same age.  They arrived in their beautiful, coral dresses with their fancy shoes.  The oldest even had her sweet little toes painted to match her dress.  Both girls celebrated a birthday in August, so we wanted to capture this milestone.  The family is also expecting a brand new baby in December, YAY, so it was fun to see how sweet the oldest, Scarlett, was with the baby in Mom's tummy.  It was just a really fun, laid back morning.  We talked about nail polish, and fancy poses, and dance class, and Sheriff Callie Wild West.  

But let's talk about my favorite part of the session.  When the girls noticed all the fun trees and exposed roots in the woods and decided they were up for a hike... in their fancy dresses & fancy shoes! They may love to get dressed up all fancy, but they have one awesome sense of adventure as well!!! My kind of girls!!

Interested in booking a Family Session at Medard Park? Or wherever!? Contact me today!! reillymaguirephotography@gmail.com.