Riverview Baby Photographer | Watch Me Grow | Mia: 9 Months

These Watch Me Grow sessions are my most favorite thing I have ever decided to offer.  I absolutely LOVE capturing all the sweet baby milestones... raspberries, tummy time, grabbing feet, sitting up, clapping, crawling.... goodness.  Their first year goes so fast folks.  I promise you that.  

Miss Mia has turned nine months & we have shot another session.  This one was a little bit faster paced the the first two!! Mia is ON. THE. MOVE!!!! (Be sure to check out her THREE MONTH and SIX MONTH sessions!!!)  This time we decided to shoot on the beach since it's Summer (technically, it's always summer in Florida, but you know what I'm saying).  Mia was crawling everywhere & really seemed to love playing in (and eating) the sand! Wait until you see her yummy little toothy grin!!! She's grown so much in just three short months.   I'm so very sad that the next time we meet up will be the last session for her grow with me series.  It has been so great hanging with the "H" family every three months and capturing Mia's special milestones.  

Enjoy the nine month session! Interested in booking your own? Call me today!! 973-670-0238