Tampa Storytelling Session | Boxes and Banana Bread

Happy New Year everyone!!! I can't believe it's already 2017!!! CRAZY!!! 

I have been holding on to this session for a few months now... waiting to blog it at the most perfect moment.  I think, the start of this new year, is the perfect time.  I want to share something new that I will be offering this year to you all.  Storytelling Sessions.  

Let me set the stage for this one.  This gorgeous mama (who just happens to be one of my most favorite friends and the crazy talented human behind the camera at Kate Boggs Photography) was busy packing up her home of almost 5 years, to move into a bigger home for their growing family.  I decided to add a little more chaos to her day and bring my two girls to play with her two kids and I thought I'd bring my camera along for the fun.  I wanted to be there for her, to capture some of the last little moments in this home.  

So we hung out. And just did the things they have always loved to do in their home.  Danced in the kitchen.  Played with legos.  We drank coffee.  We played in the kids rooms and ate some lunch.  We baked some of Nana's Nana Bread.  Made a big mess while doing that last one... but the bread was DELICIOUS! That Nana... she sure knows good Nana Bread!!! We jumped on the bed.  We snuggled... well... they snuggled.  And I captured it.  All of it.  A whole day... doing just the things they love to do in their home.  


So tell me... what do YOU love to do with your family!? I want to tell YOUR story... so let me!? Please?? I'm currently offering these sessions at a SPECIAL introductory rate!! Email me today to book yours!!