L Turns One | Tampa Bay Childrens Photographer

There is something super exciting about being pregnant with one of your best friends.  Until they up and move several states away.  It's still exciting, but not as exciting as it would have been if they had STAYED 15 minutes away from you.  ::insert sad face here::
Fast forward about a year and a half & THEY ARE BACK!!!! Not 15 minutes, but BACK IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
I wasn't around for their maternity pictures, or their newborn pictures.... but you best believe I got sweet baby Logan for his ONE YEAR pictures!!! Big brother Canon was one of my very first cake smashes years ago!  Since it had been a few years since we shot some family pictures, we met up at the beach before the cake smash for some shots.  Poor baby Logan was feeling a little under the weather and we weren't really able to get him on his own (at the beach)... but you best believe we got him smiling and on his own once we put a cake down in front of him!
These cake smash blog posts make me so hungry.
I'm off to find a snack somewhere.
that face.  ugh.  I just want to eat him up.