An Evening at the Beach with the Z Family | Tampa Family Photographer

It was 2007.  I walked into a building on Madison Avenue in Manhattan for an interview.  I had NEVER wanted a job so badly in my life.  I was SO nervous.  I had NO idea what I was in for.  She conducted the first interview... and I'm pretty sure she let me through because she loved my skirt.  Two more interviews after that & I eventually landed the job.  
We didn't "click" right away, but eventually... over time... things changed.  
And we grew an incredible bond.   
Here we are, 8 years later.  She is "my person".  
We were in each others weddings.  I was in the waiting room when her son was born... and when I met him it was love at first sight.  He was so incredibly delicious, that I couldn't even wait to have my own sweet little squish to love on.... and wouldn't you know, nine months later, we were welcoming Kalia into the world.  We had already moved to FL when Little G came into the world & I hate that I have missed so much.   But.... that's life I suppose.  
They are my family.  I love them like crazy.  
Daily, I wish that we didn't live thousands of miles away from each other.  I wish we could have play dates with our children, go for lunch or a cup of coffee, family trips to the beach... you know.  But for now... we depend on our (very) frequent phone calls.  
My heart exploded with excitement when she told me that they were driving down to Florida from New York for Christmas this past year.  They stopped here before ending their drive down in Miami... and we snuck in a little family photo session... because... it just needed to happen.  
Because, seriously..... how GORGEOUS are they!?!?!?! 

that smirk.
it kills me.  

Kalia & her Boobie Shani..  xo.