1/2 Year Gone | Tampa Bay Area Children's Photographer

Our sweet little Noa turned 6 months on September 17th (yes, I realize that was almost a month ago). We took her 6 month pictures, but it's tend us a little bit of time to come around to blogging it.  I wanted to do a little more then just the sticker pictures that we've done for her other months -- and now that I have everything that I want, it was time to blog.  

Raspberries.  Always.  

Those chunky little thighs kill me.  I just want to eat them up! 

Yummy headband from Monroe & Harlow
Kalia's new favorite things:  tilting her head to the side and saying "awwww" & roaring.  

Also... "so big".  

An attempt at a self portrait of me nursing Noa with the timer ... out of focus, but I love it!