60 Years. | Long Boat Key Anniversary & Extended Family Photographer

Do you know how many married couples make it to their 60th wedding anniversary?  
No? Take a guess?  
That's it.  So crazy.  

Now I'd like to introduce you to Jack & Marlene.  
Two of the most beautiful human beings on the planet.  

They were married August 2nd, 1954.  
Thats right, 60 years ago.  

Five and a half years ago my mother married into this amazing family.  And when she did, they took us ALL in with open arms.  Especially Grandma Marlene & Pop Pop Jack.  
Every year, for a week in July, the family meets up at Gulf Tides in Long Boat Key, FL to spend time with one another.  This year marked their 30th year of doing so.  
While we were together this year, we celebrate Jack & Marlene's anniversary.  It truly is one of the most inspiring things to see the two of them together.  
After all this time...  they are still perfectly & madly in love.  

I hope and I pray that one day.... 
54 years from now... 
Mr. RMP & I are standing on a beach... 
surrounded by our family and our friends... 
holding each other.  
Laughing, and smiling, and loving one another the way that these two did on this very special evening.