Kalia Reese Turns FOUR | Riverview Children's Photographer

I have a four year old.


Four years ago my husband and I were enjoying a quiet Father's Day Brunch at our favorite place to eat in Tampa & my contractions started coming every 2-5 minutes.  They were painless.... so I assumed they were just Braxton Hicks.  I was convinced that these contractions I was feeling weren't really real.  They were just warming me up.

My husband felt otherwise.  He assured me I was in labor and took me to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 4pm and less then 12 hours later, our perfectly healthy, most beautiful baby girl entered the world.

The last four years have been more amazing then I could have ever imagined.  This gorgeous human has taught me more about life then anything else I have ever experienced.  She is the smartest, sassiest, craziest, kindest, life lover I have EVER met.

This has been quite the year for our girl.  
She started school.  She started ballet.  She was promoted to big sister.  
One thing is for sure.  No matter what she does, she is amazing at it.  

Happy Birthday you BEAUTIFUL baby girl.  Mommy loves you to the moon.  xo.