Tampa Storytelling Session | Boxes and Banana Bread

Happy New Year everyone!!! I can't believe it's already 2017!!! CRAZY!!! 

I have been holding on to this session for a few months now... waiting to blog it at the most perfect moment.  I think, the start of this new year, is the perfect time.  I want to share something new that I will be offering this year to you all.  Storytelling Sessions.  

Let me set the stage for this one.  This gorgeous mama (who just happens to be one of my most favorite friends and the crazy talented human behind the camera at Kate Boggs Photography) was busy packing up her home of almost 5 years, to move into a bigger home for their growing family.  I decided to add a little more chaos to her day and bring my two girls to play with her two kids and I thought I'd bring my camera along for the fun.  I wanted to be there for her, to capture some of the last little moments in this home.  

So we hung out. And just did the things they have always loved to do in their home.  Danced in the kitchen.  Played with legos.  We drank coffee.  We played in the kids rooms and ate some lunch.  We baked some of Nana's Nana Bread.  Made a big mess while doing that last one... but the bread was DELICIOUS! That Nana... she sure knows good Nana Bread!!! We jumped on the bed.  We snuggled... well... they snuggled.  And I captured it.  All of it.  A whole day... doing just the things they love to do in their home.  


So tell me... what do YOU love to do with your family!? I want to tell YOUR story... so let me!? Please?? I'm currently offering these sessions at a SPECIAL introductory rate!! Email me today to book yours!!   

Tampa Children Photographer | Beauty Revived: Meet Max

Back in May, I was honored to be chosen as one of 50 photographers selected WORLD WIDE to participate in Beauty Revived's 50 Most Beautiful Children Campaign.  You may remember the BLOG POST I made about it, or one of several posts made on my FACEBOOK page.  I received SO MANY nominations for the most AMAZING children. It was so difficult to choose just one... but there was *something* about Mollie's email about her son Max that just pulled me in.  Thank you Mollie for sharing Max's story with me and allowing me to share it with the world.  

Max is an amazing young man... he is changing this world.... one beautiful butterfly at a time. 

Because no one is able to tell Max's sweet story the way his Mom can, I asked Miss Mollie to write out his story which you can read below.  CLICK HERE to check out Max's blog post on Beauty Revived's website.  To find out more about Beauty Revived, their mission or how you can be a part of upcoming campaigns CLICK HERE to visit their website. 


Monarchs and Maxwell

by: Mollie Stiles

Atop the dining tables of most families are pretty dishes, candles, and maybe even fancy napkins.  In our home it’s a bit different, ours is a nursery adorned with pop up baskets filled with growing monarch caterpillars. Max’s interest in monarch butterflies began as any other.  We got out our vintage field guide and saw their gorgeous wings on the pages, flashes of orange and black symmetrical perfection. How do they grow? Where do they live? Do we have them in our yard?  We ventured to a local nursery to see if we could find some milkweed, their host plant. Maybe we could watch the lifecycle? We brought home three little plants with a couple of caterpillars.  Max watched them intently; his eyes peeled at the segmented specks the size of a pinhead. They moved through instars of growth. The pattern ever the same, munch and crunch, nap on leafy beds, then consume some more. The caterpillars grew literally two thousand times bigger before our very eyes. Before we knew it we were out of leaves. Eric Carle was spot on when he wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

Suddenly, Monarchs were all through our yard, flitting and floating, laying eggs, and spreading joy. As the numbers of caterpillars in our care grew, so did our research.  Max was on his iPad watching butterfly releases, life cycle videos, and learning how to determine their sex. With our first set of caterpillars now in chrysalises, Max counted down the days to their complete metamorphosis. It was simply a guess as to when this might take place, as we were novices. 

Then it happened. We witnessed our first eclose, or butterfly emergence from its chrysalis. Pure Magic. Max was mesmerized.  Tiny wet wings, a huge body, his first brush with the beauty of birth.  Mother nature graced us with eighty-five perfect monarch butterflies in a row after that one.  Max cared for them, awaited their wings being dry, and then gently sent them off with special wishes into the world.  He often whispers, “Go make the world beautiful” to them as he sends them on their journey.  

Like so often in nature, there was suddenly tragedy amongst our Eden of wings.  One day Max came running, a sick butterfly! Its wings were dry, but bent and mangled. Then another! This butterfly too weak to pump its wings at all, its body shriveled and green. What could this be? We researched together while hoping for a simple solution. 

In our quest, we came across a monarch researcher close to our home in Florida.  Max insisted we call him. The gentleman provided his number on his website after all.  He shared that he has been raising and rearing monarchs for years, and sadly knew exactly our problem. We were experiencing one of the saddest and most common afflictions of Monarchs, Ophryocistis elektroscirrha, commonly known as OE. It’s a parasite that ranges from causing monarchs to simply live shorter lives and be less hardy, to those that are heavily infected not even being strong enough to emerge from their chrysalises. We learned it has infected most of Florida’s butterflies at this point. Fortunately our sadness can be mitigated by at least providing help to future butterflies.

We began participating in the University of Georgia’s research, thanks to our friend the researcher.  Max began sending them samples of our butterflies skin cells, and placing numbered lightweight tags on our monarchs at release to help aid in tracking migration. It has been an amazing experience to see our tagged butterflies come back and lay eggs in our own yard!

Just recently, Max was watering his milkweed when we found one of our tagged female monarchs laying in the base of the plant.  We knew from the tag we had released her about 10 days prior, but she was back and hurt. She was missing most of two of her wings, two legs, and just utterly exhausted.  We brought her in, gave her nectar, and worked quickly to see what we could do to help.  We found that you can do wing transplants!  We set up surgery with our contact cement, wings and legs of some of past butterflies, and delicately gave her back ability to fly! 

Raising monarchs with Max is a blessing. While Max is simply working diligently to care for something he loves, he has no concept of the plight, or possible extinction of the monarch.  This opportunity has taught us so much about nature, strength, faith, and beauty. Max whispers well wishes to our Monarchs as they take off into the blue sky, and my heart sings.  Max is changing the face of beauty in our world one pair of fluttering wings at a time. 


We needed to time our session carefully -- the butterflies needed to be ready to be released.  Max was coming back from a vacation and the end of school was quickly approaching... and let's just throw in a tropical storm to make things a little crazier!!! Mollie was so incredibly gracious and was so amazing about me bringing my littles to her home for the session.  They had the BEST time learning about caterpillars and butterflies from Max & Miss Mollie.  Kalia can't wait for the weather to cool down so we can put together our very own butterfly garden.  

Riverview Baby Photography | Watch Me Grow: Mia Turns ONE!

Mia is ONE!!! I can't believe it!! Seems like just yesterday I was meeting the "H" family for the first time in their home. We kicked off our Watch Me Grow series when Mia was 3 months old. Since it's been so hot here, Mom thought it would be best to circle back around and do Mia's cake smash inside their home.  It was a brilliant idea.  

Mia is learning to walk and showed me a few steps -- SO EXCITING!!  Not only is she learning to walk, but she also has some really fancy dance moves.  Turn on a little Bruno Mars & she was moving and clapping!! She is seriously the happiest baby.... just as smiley as ever.  Mia also showed me how much she loved her birthday balloon (Mom said she was more excited about the balloon then she was the cake at her birthday party!).  We played for a little bit, took some family pictures, and got right into smashing the (cup)cake! Mia wasn't really into the cake smash, but Mom & Dad helped her along.  After we were full of buttercream icing, Mom & Dad gave baby girl a quick rinse in the kitchen sink.  I think all cake smashes should end in a bubble bath!  Before leaving, Mom showed me the "Mommy & Me" shirts that were gifted to her and Mia.  They are quite possibly the cutest shirts I've ever seen.  I'm so happy Mia was up for a few more shots :)  

It was such an honor to be a part of Mia's first year and to capture some of her special milestones for her family.  I will miss seeing the "H" family every three months & hope they are in need of another family session sooner rather then later.  

Miss Mia, you have been a DELIGHT! Happiest birthday to you sweet girl!!! 



Oh!!! Be sure to look back at THREE, SIX, and NINE months when you're done here to see how much this peanut has grown!!  Have a baby turning one??  Contact me if you are interested in booking a milestone session!! 

Tampa Newborn Photographer | Watch Me Grow: Welcome Baby Rylan

Baby Rylan is HERE!

Sweet girl kept her parents waiting well passed her due date, but I'm sure we can all agree... she was worth the wait.  You may remember Jen & Matt from their MATERNITY SESSION back in August.  I am so excited that their beautiful baby girl is finally here.  Early one Saturday morning, I met the brand new party-of-three at their home in Tampa for Rylan's newborn session.  I was blown away by how gorgeous her nursery was.  Perfectly painted gray, with white furniture and the prettiest pink accents.  Fit for a princess! 

Mom and Dad looked AMAZING! Seriously... they had a brand new baby & they both looked like they were MADE to be parents! Rylan was so well behaved and easy going.  She slept most the time, but even while she was awake... she just watched us.  Hardly making any sound.  And holy moly, she is just the prettiest little thing you've ever seen! 

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS Jen & Matt booked the Watch Me Grow package because I can't WAIT to watch this little miss grow this year.  

Are you expecting and interested in booking a In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session? 

Riverview Family Photography | The Corners Family

I'm so very excited to introduce the newest members of the RMP Family, The Corners Family!! Our session had to be rescheduled a couple of times due to the weather... but third time is the charm & we were able to meet up on a beautiful Sunday morning!!

We met at Edward Medard Park.  Technically the park is in Plant City, but it's on the Brandon side of Plant City.  I LOVE shooting at this location, I'm sure you've noticed that it's one of my favorites.  I love all the green and the way the beautiful light cuts through all the trees.   

But enough about the park - back to the beautiful family! I had such a great time with them.  I could totally relate with their very fancy little girls. They reminded me so much of my own two, almost exactly the same age.  They arrived in their beautiful, coral dresses with their fancy shoes.  The oldest even had her sweet little toes painted to match her dress.  Both girls celebrated a birthday in August, so we wanted to capture this milestone.  The family is also expecting a brand new baby in December, YAY, so it was fun to see how sweet the oldest, Scarlett, was with the baby in Mom's tummy.  It was just a really fun, laid back morning.  We talked about nail polish, and fancy poses, and dance class, and Sheriff Callie Wild West.  

But let's talk about my favorite part of the session.  When the girls noticed all the fun trees and exposed roots in the woods and decided they were up for a hike... in their fancy dresses & fancy shoes! They may love to get dressed up all fancy, but they have one awesome sense of adventure as well!!! My kind of girls!!

Interested in booking a Family Session at Medard Park? Or wherever!? Contact me today!! reillymaguirephotography@gmail.com.  

Tampa Family Photographer | Family Mini Session

Happy Monday Friends!!! 

I am so excited that it is finally that time of year again!! Tampa Family Mini Sessions are here!!! YAY!!! This year, I have 4 different days and locations available.   I am offering two different packages, one that includes 5 digital images and one that includes ALL digital images.  All clients who book mini sessions will receive 25% off all print and canvas orders place before December 1st.  

Payment is due in full at time of booking.  


Don't see a day or time that works for you? I still have a few more opening for full family sessions & for a limited time, I am booking them for $450 and including ALL digital images.... WHAT!?!?!?!? But like I said, there are only a few spots left at that price, so don't wait another second to book!! 


Email TODAY to book your session  



Tampa Maternity Photographer | Waiting on Sweet Rylan

It's almost September.  

You know what that means?

Well, it means that cooler temperatures are coming, football is coming, pumpkin spice lattes are coming... but you know what else it means???  It means that Baby Rylan is coming!! YAY!! You may remember Jen & Matt from their PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT SESSION earlier this year.  I love working with these two.  They are so laid back and crazy cute together!  And can we just talk about how GORGEOUS that Mama-to-Be is?? 

I absolutely LOVE this session and how lush and green Medard Park looked the other night.  We had been watching the weather all day -- rain chances were all over the place!! They went from 80% to 20% to 65%.... it was an all day thing.  But my "Stay Away Rain" Dance worked & we were able to shoot.  Yes it was hot & humid - but that's Florida for you I suppose.  

Thank you Matt & Jen for allowing me to capture such a special time if your life.  I am SO excited to meet your beautiful little girl in a couple weeks!! And to be able to capture her through all of her milestones every three months after that!  

Tampa Back to School Photography | 2016's Big Fat Back to School Post

Where has the summer gone???

For the THIRD year in a row, RMP teamed up with the mega talented Brooke of HAMILTON CREEK PHOTOGRAPHY for our Back-to-School Mini Sessions, and I must say, they were a HUGE success.  (View our Back-to-School sessions from the past HERE and HERE).

Confession:  Back-to-School Minis are my FAVORITE sessions of the year.  I just LOVE the sweet set up we use... something about crisp red apples and the BRIGHT YELLOW school desk just makes me HAPPY.  I love seeing the kids and hearing about their summer adventures and their hopes for the new school year.  And the yummy fall fashion... I die. If only it was a *little* cooler... but, that's Florida for you.  Doesn't help that we had to push our sessions up because the kids go back earlier this year then they have in the past -- but it will be ALL GOOD when they get out before June next year.

Enough chatter -- I know you came here to see the super adorable kids that are dressed in their best and ready for a new school year!! First up... Mackey and Carmen.  I  met these gorgeous sisters two years ago for our first round of Back to School sessions! I'm so excited to have them back this year.  These girls have THE BEST HAIR and most beautiful eyes --  not to mention, they are the super sweet and have perfect manners.  After we shared some apples and made silly faces, they introduced me to their yummy, yummy baby brother and we got some group shots of the girls holding him.

Next up for the evening is Ruby and Lilli.  Just like the beauties before them, I first met them two years ago at our first round of back-to-school mini sessions and they are also going into kindergarten and second grade. I am so glad that I have gotten to know these two lovely ladies better this past year.  I love that they have become such good friends with my own girls (sweet Ruby Roo is the BEST with my Noey Noes).  I had such a blast shooting these two.  We laughed the WHOLE TIME.   These girls have the BEST style... I seriously wish they would do all my shopping for me.  When they showed up to their session rocking their Hunter Wellies, it gave me the warm fuzzies.  As much as I LOVE my green Hunters, I may need to pick up another pair.  Red??? Light Blue??? They make them look so good.

Oh! And they brought their new baby "brother" along too!! LOVED meeting sweet Mr. Gastby!!!

Next up.  These boys.

They stole my heart three and a half years ago.

I adore them.  I adore their wild spirits.  I adore their infectious smiles and their genuine hearts.  I adore their giggles and their killer style.  I adore how much fun when we adventure.   Kalia is so lucky to have "big brothers" like them.  I adore their mama and everything that we have done together in the short years we have know each other.

These boys.

Taking pictures of them together as they get older... it's so bittersweet.  It feels like just yesterday we were catching fairies in a flower field in Dade City.  And then I put a collage together... and I can't help but get a little teary eyed.  They are getting SO BIG!

And last...

But CERTAINLY not least...

My sweet little Kalia Wiggles.

Just a few shots from this morning.

On Kalia's official FIRST day of 1st Grade.

Want to see more of our sessions???

Check out HAMILTON CREEK PHOTOGRAPHY'S Back-to-School blog posts HEREHERE, and HERE!!!! Because they are AMAZING!!!!

Riverview Newborn Photographer | Rowan Wilder

You may remember the B family from their MATERNITY SESSION & then their FRESH 48.

They are one of my favorite RMP Families.  Recently I went their home for their In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session.  I was pretty excited to see my very good friend, Finn with his new baby brother.  He's gotten so big in just the few short months between their maternity session & their newborn session.  He was so sweet and gentle with his baby brother.   When it came time for family shots, he was more excited about serenading us with a little bit of "Twinkle, Twinkle", but just like they were at their maternity session, Mom & Dad were so go-with-the-flow and relaxed.  They just let him do his thing while we did ours.  We sure did capture some sweet magic though.  The B Family is so yummy - their joy is infectious.  I couldn't help but smile the whole time I was at their home, while I was editing these images, and even now... reflecting on our session... I can't help but smile.  

Hopefully as you scroll through these images, they will make you smile too! 

Interested in booking a Lifestyle Newborn Session? I'd love to hear from you!! 


Tampa Newborn Photography | Fresh 48: Rowan is Here

Confession: My dream is to be a birth photographer.  

Yep.  Birth Photography is my favorite.  Unfortunately, my family's schedule at the moment doesn't really allow for that kind of commitment.  But I keep my fingers crossed that one day, when Noa is a little bit older and in school, I will be able to pursue this dream.  

Next best thing, Fresh 48 Sessions.  One of my FAVORITE FAMILIES recently delivered the most precious baby boy & invited me to visit them in the hospital for a Fresh 48 session.  Be sure to check back again soon for his at home lifestyle newborn session!!! 


Interested in more information on booking your own Fresh 48? Email me!! 


Riverview Baby Photographer | Watch Me Grow | Mia: 9 Months

These Watch Me Grow sessions are my most favorite thing I have ever decided to offer.  I absolutely LOVE capturing all the sweet baby milestones... raspberries, tummy time, grabbing feet, sitting up, clapping, crawling.... goodness.  Their first year goes so fast folks.  I promise you that.  

Miss Mia has turned nine months & we have shot another session.  This one was a little bit faster paced the the first two!! Mia is ON. THE. MOVE!!!! (Be sure to check out her THREE MONTH and SIX MONTH sessions!!!)  This time we decided to shoot on the beach since it's Summer (technically, it's always summer in Florida, but you know what I'm saying).  Mia was crawling everywhere & really seemed to love playing in (and eating) the sand! Wait until you see her yummy little toothy grin!!! She's grown so much in just three short months.   I'm so very sad that the next time we meet up will be the last session for her grow with me series.  It has been so great hanging with the "H" family every three months and capturing Mia's special milestones.  

Enjoy the nine month session! Interested in booking your own? Call me today!! 973-670-0238 

Tampa Child Photographer | Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Children

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram account, I have been selected, along with 49 other photographers from around the world, to be a part of Beauty Revived's 50 Beautiful Children 2016 Campaign.  For more information on this campaign, I recommend taking 3 minutes to watch the video that was posted on the BEAUTY REVIVED FACEBOOK PAGE by Michelle earlier this week!

I am so incredibly honored to be a part of this, but now I need your help!

I need YOU to nominate a deserving child between the ages of 2 and 16.   If you know of an awesome child who has made a difference in their community, wants to change the world, has overcome trials or sickness, or is just a ROCK STAR KID, NOMINATE THEM!!!

Not only am I accepting nominations for children in the Tampa area, but I will be visiting family in Winthrop, ME during the month of June and would LOVE it if anyone up there had nominations for me as well!!

I will be accepting nominations through June 1st and the session will take place no later then July 2nd.  Our session will be featured in Beauty Revived's August Magazine, as well as blogged on their website.

The form to nominate a child is below!

Don't forget to share this with your friends & family!!!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!!!


Apollo Beach Maternity Session | Wating on Baby B

This session.  Sigh.  Where do I begin? 

When I first spoke with Lauren, she explained that she was interested in booking a maternity and newborn session together.  We spoke of things like the Free People dress she had for the session, and the flower crown she planned on wearing to complete the bohemian look she had in mind.  I knew the PERFECT location for this session.  EG Simmons.  The tall grasses, the yummy light, the beach, the mangroves... did I mention the yummy light??? It was going to be perfect.  We were even lucky enough to meet each other at a party before the session, so when it came time for the session, things were already a little more comfortable.  

So, it was time for our session.  Lauren shows up looking INCREDIBLE.  I mean, the dress was MADE for her and her sweet baby belly.  Her husband, Jacob and their sweet 2 year old son, Finn looked awesome!!  And the weather.... If I had the ability to control the weather, I couldn't have made it any better.  Perfect temperature, low humidity, light breeze, no bugs.   Just perfect.   

The "B" family was so natural in front of the camera.  Watching their interactions with each other... watching them love on each other... I found myself smiling the whole time I was shooting.   Lauren and Jacob were amazing and laid back --  we were able to get sweet Finn to be a part of the whole session without really forcing him.  We were just hanging out with his matchbox cars, playing on the beach!  

The result was magic.  Pure magic.  

I am so excited for them to become a family of four and meet their newest little love!!! 


Riverview Baby Photographer | Watch Me Grow | Mia: 6 Months Old

I can't believe three months have already passed.  Miss Mia is six months old (CHECK OUT HER THREE MONTH SESSION HERE).  Guys... just when I didn't know if she could get any cuter.... here she is! STILL the sweetest & smiliest baby!! This time we opted for Medard Park at sunset - we scored some seriously yummy light that evening.  Mom brought along her Sophie and a couple of books.  This was perfect! It's so important to bring along things that are important to you and your child during these special milestone sessions.  I promise you, these days will go by so fast & you will want to capture all the little things NOW! 

Interested in booking a milestone package??? Contact me today!! 

Tampa Holiday Mini Sessions | The Austin Family

It was my first time working with the Austin family.  They nabbed one of my holiday mini session slots at Medard Park last year & I'm so glad they did.  Such a great, loving family & I really enjoyed working with them.  Their little man wanted nothing to do with me at first... but I was finally able to get some sweet smiles out of him before the session was over.  I hope to see them all back soon!!


Tampa Family Photographer | The Hamilton Family

I love this family.

I love them as if they were my family.  They practically ARE family.

The Hamilton Family.

You may recognize the gorgeous Mama.  She is the mega talented photographer behind HAMILTON CREEK PHOTOGRAPHY and one of my best friends in the whole wide world.  This is one of the sessions that I look forward to the most each holiday season.  You may recall their session from LAST YEAR (ummm, seriously... when did these sweet boys turn into little men? WHEN!?).   This year we opted to shoot at her favorite location & I'm so happy we did.  Other then being a little warm, the night was perfect.  We couldn't have handpicked a better sunset.  It was gorgeous.  And seriously... they are like the poster family on "What to Wear" for sessions.

The colors...

and the patterns....

and the textures...

all done JUST RIGHT!!! I love it all!!!

To add to the fun, I shot this session side-by-side the amazing Kate of KATE BOGGS PHOTOGRAPHY.  Be sure to check out her  blog post from this session HERE!

Enough chatter.... onto this gorgeous family's photos!!!

Tampa Pregnancy Announcement | Baby N is On the Way!

I met Jen & Matt a little more then two years ago when they booked a Holiday Mini Session at Redington Beach, and then I saw them again this past holiday during my Minis at EG Simmons! They are the sweetest & I love working with them.  So you can imagine my excitement when Jen emailed me to let me in on a sweet little secret.  

They were expecting.  

And wanted to book a session to share the special news with their friends and family.  

Since we had our last two sessions at the beach, we opted to change things up a little bit and head over to Ybor City.   I love Mom & Dad's casual style and that they both wore converse sneakers to match the sweet little yellow chucks they brought for the BABY! I think I may need to pick up my own pair of yellow chucks... are they not the cutest?  

So, not only am I over the moon excited for these two, but even more excited because they have decided to go ahead and book my Watch Me Grow package!!! I love my Watch Me Grow clients -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to spend time with them every three months, capturing their milestones, watching them grow!!

Can't wait to see these two in a few months for their maternity session!! 

Want more information on booking your Pregnancy Announcement or interested in a Watch Me Grow Package??? 

Riverview Baby Photographer | Watch Me Grow | Mia: 3 Months


Reilly Maguire Photography has some big news! Something new that I'm offering and I am WICKED EXCITED about it.  Ready??? WATCH ME GROW SESSIONS!!!!! Why haven't I ever offered these before??? Seriously..... Anyone know why I haven't thought of offering these sooner!??!!! 

I'm so excited for you to meet Miss Mia.  She is my very first Watch Me Grow Baby!  Our first session took place in the comfort of her own home.  She was so super sweet and very smiley! I just can't get enough of her.  Mia was not a fan of tummy time, but we did get a few shots in before she told me she was done! YAY! Mom and Dad got in on some of the pictures too... and I'm so glad they did.  These have to be some of my favorites from any session.  I love the simplicity of the solid backdrop and just FAMILY.  

Make sure you keep your eyes open for Mia's Raspberry picture -- because that's her fancy trick for this milestone!! 

Are you expecting? Or did you just recently have a baby and interested in capturing all their milestones??? Send me an email! reillymaguirephotography@gmail.com  -  I would really love to hear from you!! 

Tampa Family Mini Session | The Leuzze Family

Slowly but surely I've been catching up with my blogging from the end of last year.  I like to hold off until holiday cards go out before sharing too many pictures (I don't want to spoil the surprise!!), hence why blog posts aren't going up until now! I'm so excited to be up to my mini sessions.  I really had the best clients this year -- I know I keep saying that, but it's so true.  First mini session family up is the Leuzze Family.  You may recognize this family from past sessions -- I just LOVE working with them.  Mom & Dad are so fun and laid back.  Their gorgeous babes keep me on my toes -- they really make me work for those smiles -- and I kinda LOVE it!!! The day of their session was a crummy overcast day... they even texted me while they were on their way because it started raining when they got off the exit.  I held my breath and crossed my fingers... and when they arrived... so did the sun!! :)

Here are my favorites from their session!! Hope you love them as much as I do!!!